Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Volunteers in My Garden

Nasturtium pops up in the coolest places!







Milk Thistle

Roman Chamomile, Oregano, Cornflowers, Comfrey, , Arugula, Sweet Viola

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bee's In My Yard

We had to set this up this year, so we could eat outdoors, without getting attacked by bee's.I've read a lot this year about how the bee's are disappearing. NOT in my yard. I have more then ever. Can't even eat outdoors.

I think they are attracted by the Spearmint in bloom now, they are buzzing around it all day. Last month it was the patch of Cornflowers.

Spring Plant Propigation

Curly Willow TreeI discovered by accident that I can propigate this tree. I usually prune it in late winter then use the branches for stakes to support plants in my spring garden. Well, the branches took root and started sprouting leaves, so I dug this one up and stuck it in this pot and now have another tree.

Summer Flowers in Bloom

Sunflowers and Bee Balm

Lavender and Chamomile




Saturday, July 07, 2007

July Harvest


BasilI've started pinching off the basil. The more you pick, the more it grows! I've noticed that basil doesn't have to be sown in succession. The first man crop will keep producing until winter, if you keep pinching, preventing it from going to seed.

ChivesI started these from seeds in April. They are delicious in Potato Salad. Next year, I plan on starting many more plants from seed, spreading throughout my garden beds.


Garden Oasis CucumberExtra-sweet, burpless, uniquely smooth-skinned Beit alpha cucumber renowned for quality throughout the Mediterranean basin. High yields of glossy fruits with refreshing juicy-sweet flesh.

New Sun TomatoA bright yellow slicer with 8-16 ounce fruit, and a determinate habit. Disease resistant, flavorful and early.

Seed Saving Tip - As hard as it is not to pick and eat, this first tomato will be saved for next years seed, so I will leave it on the vine to over-ripen............being tempted everytime I pass - it is a beauty!