Thursday, April 06, 2006

Beans, Beans, their good for your heart......

anything gardening is good for your heart!

But it is time to plant beans this month, and with all this rain I thought they might just rot if I planted them directly outdoors. So I put these Painted Lady Runner Beans between wet paper towels on March 27, and transplanted them into dixie cups on April 5.

I saved these beans myself from last years harvest. They are edible, you can cook and use them as you would any dried bean, but I grew them for the beautiful flower, I just add them to salads. I think I will give them a try in a batch of chili.

In only 9 days look how much growth. I did soak them first, but only for 2 hours.

Put a little hole in the bottom of your dixie cup for drainage, fill 1/2 way with dirt, then add the bean and more dirt.

Look at all these, 100% germination rate using Uncle Tom's Method....Thanks.

I'm going to leave them outdoors, under some protection from the rain. I put an extra flat on top for protection from the chickens......always thinking ahead!

Runner Bean Updates:

April 13
, Yea! They grew! It's always a nice surprise when things work out!

April 18,
Ready to plant out. I transplanted 8 on the side-yard trellis, we'll see if it get's enough sun to bloom.

One of Larry's home improvement projects last year was this trellis, all made from salvaged redwood. It's a work of art.

I transplanted 12 on the back-yard trellis. That takes care of 20, probably have 20 more leftover.........will find a home somewhere before the week is over.

Hopefully, the chickens have eaten all the snails, I might want to go outside tonight with a flashlight just to be sure...........

April 20
Copper Snail Barrier

I decided to use the left over copper tape that I used around my raised beds, to protect individual seedlings. Better safe then sorry.

UPDATE: Painted Lady Runner Beans Blooming
May28, 2006

The runner beans have those long stems, like Sweet Peas. I think the more you pick, the more they grow, and they look great bunched together in a small vase. I was going to save the beans this year and dry them, so I probably won't pick the flowers.


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